1. How long will I have to wait for the product ?

We are the only company on the market who tries to have at least one unit of each model on stock. In the high season days delivery can be in max 5 days

2. What is the building time ?

  • bungee trampoline 1 person : 60 min , 1 person
  • bungee trampoline 2 person : 100 min , 2 persons
  • bungee trampoline 2 person mobile : 80 min , 2 persons
  • bungee trampoline 4 person high : 150 min , 2 persons
  • bungee trampoline 4 person mobile : 45 min, 2 persons 

3. Where is Your bungee trampoline made ?

We manufacture our bungees in Europe (Poland). This is hand made product , we use only EU parts

4. Do I need any training to operate the bungee trampoline ?

No You will get a detailed printed users manual covering all aspects which will be enough for You There is also DVD of set up for the 4 person and 4 person mobile bungee trampoline

5. What kind of maintenance is required and how about rust ?

You don't need any kind of maintenance. Just replace the bungee cords (after one season) and harnesses (after two seasons). The poles are made from aluminium the centre trailer on the mobile bungee trampoline is zinced and should last around 5 years without painting if its is looked after correctly

6. For how many years can we use the same unit?

Our first bungee trampoline 4 person high was delivered 15 years ago for the first time and the customer still makes money on it.

Our first bungee trampoline 4 person mobile was delivered 10 years ago to New Zealand.
This year our customer has sold it to another person who has replaced the bungee cords and is still operating it.

7. How many staff will be required to run the unit?

Bungee trampoline 1 and 2 person needs one person and  bungee trampoline 4 person needs 2 people

8. Is there a weight and age limit ?

  • The max weight is 85 kg
  • The min age is 3 years

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